My Laptop is Mocking Me



Hi, all.  Lauren here.  Yesterday I had one of those WHY WON’T YOU JUST WORK moments with my laptop.  For those of you know me, I am extremely attached to my laptop and phone.  My job requires me to sit at my laptop all day long.

I was scheduled for a meeting and call with a client and coworker at 2pm.  I noticed around 1:50pm that my computer was getting pretty slow, so I restarted it so it would be ALL SHINY AND NEW AND FAST for my meeting in a few minutes.

And do you know what I did?  It imploded.  It laughed and me and said, “Oh, you need to do something online in a few minutes? Here let me completely reboot and reinstall your operating system.  It should only take 24 minutes.” (WHICH WAS A LIE, IT TOOK 52!)

I was furious. I was embarrassed.  I was confused – why have you forsaken me?

Technology.  Awesome when it works.  Slamming productivity to a whiplash-inducing halt when it doesn’t.

I was so annoyed / irate that I was sweating and turning red (the caffeinated tea I had with lunch did not help).

I tried to take deep calming breaths and remember that I had no control over the situation and could do nothing but wait.  And Skype my coworker from my phone to help answer her questions while she met with our client on her own.

I HATE FEELING / APPEARING INCOMPETENT.  This laptop is on thin ice.  I am ready to go Office-Space on it.