Remember us?


Well hello there, dear readers! It sure has been a while. There have been many, many changes in our lives and while most of you see our jaunty posts on the Facebooks, we have been slacking in the blogging department. It is our intention to bring this back and regale you with our humor. Although, Lauren thinks we think we are funnier than we actually are. I totally disagree.

Quick life updates: As you know, I moved to South Carolina where I am settling in with the family. Life is very different when it is 80 degrees in January. I do not hate driving over the bridge and seeing sailboats every morning. I do strive, however, to be one of the people floating on said sailboat during a random Wednesday, though. #goals. A few months ago, I was able to experience seeing one of my all time favorite bands again after 20 years and it was epic. Truly epic. Sometimes I get caught up in life and forget just what an impact music has had on my life. It was also pretty cool to feel 20 again. It is also interesting to note that some of my longest relationships with both friends and family members have drastically changed since I have moved away. Not meaning they weren’t strong when I lived minutes away. Just that, well actually, they have improved since I have left. It makes me sad that they weren’t like this when I lived closer, but I’ll take it. Lauren went ahead and crammed a ton of life changes into one year (and for someone who doesn’t like change AT ALL, the irony is not lost on me): getting married, getting pregnant, buying a house, moving into said house. I am sure we will see adventures from her perspective soon of these additions to her life. To be honest, the thing I miss most about the Land of Pleasant Living is being able to see her. Thank GOD for modern technology. I would be lost without her.

As most of us are still trying to recover from the event otherwise known as “THE HOLIDAYS,” and digging out from beneath the dried pine needles of the Christmas tree, life in my house has been filled with lazy days, great food and extended periods of time off (totally my fave). Most years, I don’t set a “resolution.” I usually do things like fashion goals: accessorize more. Wear more color. Utilize scarves. Well this year, I am doing a wellness resolution. Not so much the “I am going to join a gym and pay each month to not go” situation. More of a “be more focused on my actions and health.” I started this journey last year after I moved here and realized that I am, in fact, highly allergic to pretty much every tree and grass in the state. It has been a difficult year for breathing. Let’s just leave it at that. But…I have restructured the family’s diet and we have all  become way more involved in the kinds of foods we are eating as well as the making and the why of it all. It has been really fun and brought the house together. We are really following the 80/20 rule and it has worked. I am also taking part in challenge groups which encourage you to do things like, meditate, be grateful, do things for others, etc. I tend to get caught up in life and then before I know it, it has been six months. So, overall, it has helped me to slow down and focus on today. I am also trying to be a better friend. I mean, I think I do alright, but I am trying to stay more connected with the people most important to me. This includes having really lengthy group snaps that end up giving me life. I feel pretty lucky to have some cool folks to surround myself with. Y’all, I am not becoming a weird hippie. I SWEAR. I am just trying to be the best me.

Anyway, this leads me into my tale for you today. In the efforts to focus on wellness, I do a lot of meal prep. It has taken some adjustment on my end – both eating 1000 times a day as well as the planning pieces. I find this hilarious because I am not much of an eater YET my weight effs with me and is like, ‘sup, Chubster. (This is also being addressed with these changes) I bring like 500 different things to work each day to eat and I cannot wait until morning to prep it or let’s face it. It ain’t gonna happen. I tend to pretend I have ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD in the morning and while I get up at 5 am every day and don’t have to be to work until 8, I am always rushing around last minute to GTFO of the house and attempt to be on time. “Attempt” is a key word here. At least I attempt. Anyhoo. This means I am usually running by the fridge and dumping my 500 meals into my Mary Poppins bag and off I go, running out of the front door trying to NOT spill my coffee. I am a bit like Dagwood Bumstead in the morning. Ok. All the time. For those of you who are too young to know who that is – Google it. Also, shush.

Image result for dagwood bumstead

Fast forward a few WEEKS and imagine me out running errands with my family. I want to remind you here that since the holidays, I have had ample time off of work…I stick my hand into my MP bag only to pull out my STICKY phone. And I think to myself, “that is weird.” Perhaps I had it set on the counter and water got on it or whatever. I got back into my purse for Round 2 to grab my wallet and NO. NO. NO. I stumble upon a juicy, sticky, leaky, BROWN banana buried beneath the receipts, the wallets, the cute bags, the inhaler, the EVERYTHING in my purse. Dudes. I totally forgot I had put that in there. Cue the horrified looks on my family’s faces when I pulled this thing out. AND we were in public. And there I am. Standing with what appears to be a large, drippy poop in my hands. It was something. Hooray for meal planning!

Well, there you go. That is how my life is right now. You guys forgot, didn’t you!? I have missed you all and look forward to all the great things 2017 will bring us.

Not to get political, as I know everyone has had lots of feelings since the elections, I wanted to share a blog post from my favorite blog It Just Gets Stranger. If you have time to binge read years of blog posts as you sit huddled in your cubicle all day, do it. You will not be disappointed and you will know why I have an incredible fake relationship with Eli. He doesn’t even know we are best friends. Although, there was one time I commented on his wall and he replied back and I spent the afternoon weeping with joy. This is great, and timely, and worth the read.

For your general amusement today:


The best show in the world is coming back. Life will be good.

P.S. If you haven’t binge watched This Is Us yet. DO IT. It is such a great show. I have several ongoing support chats happening right now and can bring you into the fold. HURRY. THERE IS STILL TIME TO CATCH UP.


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