Sharing Funnies From Pinterest, Pt. 2


Today is a DGAF day, so I am sharing some funny things from our shared Pinterest Board for your amusement.  Don’t judge us harshly.

First of all – these are hilarious.

Also, these make me giggle.

WTH!!!  Horse Conch ( Triplofusus giganteus ) — eating a Lightning Whelk ( Busycon perversum ) which is a very large predatory sea snail
This is Katie.  She hates road bikes.  “Use the sidewalk.”  And to her I say PPSSHHHH.  ROAD BIKES!!!!  Share the freakin road!
This is dorbs.
Truth.b213e6e86968859ce4c2e69f8b173e90 f36d402a95be88fe7c57c97e9f47b958 fdd0aad9261adf028669c756f2208845 0c82ee510fcbf6a91cb51a2d153baa22 2abc1d263db96b66f20029731b2adf9d 7e8cad0ce037b1e0c85a8749e19c5542

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