Why Can’t I Share My Kindle Books?


Ok today’s topic, nay rant, is about Kindle book “sharing”. I use quotation marks because Kindle is all like, oh yeah, you can totally share books you purchase from us. And then they have that shady fast-talker come on with a ** side note about only being able to share about 30% of all Kindle books, for only 2 weeks at a time, and each Kindle book can only be shared once.


Ok. There are so many things wrong with this. I am a big reader. I have bookshelves and boxes of books. Just ask my family, who have helped me move said boxes into a myriad of apartments and townhouses over the years. I have a Kindle. I love my Kindle. But if someone is offering a hard copy book, lending to me, throwing books away, I am happy to nab them. Hence = book hoarder.

I love the Kindle in concept and in action, but their sharing has got to be updated. In real life, we pass books on to friends. We give them, lend them, etc. For as long as we want. To as many people as we can before the well-loved spines break and we cry over the loss of an old friend. I digress.

I should be able to lend out any Kindle book, not just the 30% they deem old or classic, and therefore no longer receiving royalties or something. They don’t receive royalties for all the people I lend books to, either. So suck it. And let me distribute books I PAID FOR however I want.imagesthe-kindle

The end.


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