An Ode to Panera Bread


No one has ever called me a poet.  So just go with me.  I was inspired.  


Oh, Panera, how do I love thee, let me count the ways….

You have bagel yumminess at all hours, fresh from the oven.
Your pumpkin sammies swim through my veins with joy and powdered sugar.

Fresh veggies, avocado, and melty cheese, yummmm.
Branching out for pasta and wraps, always up for a change.

Giant chocolate cookies, smoothies, baguette, and more!
I could eat every meal there and be satisfied.

Calories counts, so I make good choices. Or don’t.
Free wifi for “working” or posting online.

Pick 2, you say?  Don’t mind if I do!
Choosing just one is so hard, I like variety.

And how could I ignore the rewards card? So nice!
Surprise! Points for free coffee, soup, and treats!

Thank you, Panera, for the carbs in my life,
And for the veggies to make me feel better about them.

I salute you.




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