4th of July in ‘Murica


Here is why the rest of the world thinks we’re obnoxious, pompous, drunk, and fat:

364033660faa71995012867d58817ff9 e2d27cbf00adb01cd7e2d9a3280edf6a e30696eeef634b7865d5e2d3f0c5cae0 4861bebe5145f6ded1878f1c306fd8d3 9c5563baf657d1d9aba7293854a6910c a16243b07d1edfcfbab1fc3f85476b2f c5b057a21056cdbaea5ffe8f6a12a31e 39e2bfeb3f53faf37987917e219ace29 85d2e90a6750bc79f04414248b430b8d db6534e54f9175e2c92a9b0d2b191619 f77b331a5e33a37349ceeb048ff611db 46182706524ad648a7f5b7c738357fad ee4079421ef6e1962a01cbfa0c4c05f1 fe5269f400820275d26703e1ca63edda a43e3cd46176166366779fe9cfd448a2 8d1bf5df7ff0bd7d3c4cc56cee9d7352

Happy 4th of July.  Enjoy your red, white, and blue.  Be a proud American, and be the image of Americans you wish the rest of the world had.


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