A little sleep deprivation never hurt anyone


Hey there! It’s me…the slacker. So I was in the middle of a post last week and my laptop died. And then I didn’t feel like hunting down the cord to plug it in. And now, it is gone. Sorry about that. Anyhoo, I have missed you guys! I can only imagine how much you have missed me. Lauren and I have been very busy of late. She has been in the throes of last minute wedding planning and I have been caught up in my world of stuffs and things. Very exciting over here.

But, we haven’t forgotten you. I swear. I have been trapped in SAHM business, working, and other general awesomeness. I have  a post in the works about marriage advice for our Lauren, so stay tuned for that.

For now? I have some rando thoughts to share as I am incredibly sleep deprived today. You didn’t even know you wanted to know. You probably still don’t. Not sorry about that.

1. I feel like Netflix is screwing with me. They want me to binge on 3 seasons of a show and then rooster block me. I want to also watch the season happening now but Comcast won’t let me because they only have episodes 7, 8, and 9. I need the entire season, CABLE. I’m going to have to rewatch those shows now. Also, that was like 50 hours of my time. I also forget about shows when they are on tv. Something tells me this will be an ongoing life struggle.

2. Why does the sun visor in my car think it is ok to not do it’s one job of flipping up anymore? Having it fall down and almost whack me in the face while I drive is annoying and also scary. Get with it, Visor. Or I’m taking you down.

3. Can we all just talk about Mr. T’s impending DIY show, “I pity the tool”? I cannot wait. What this really means: I cannot wait to want to watch it and then forget it is on and then be mad at myself but will continue to tell everyone to quit their jibber jabber.

4. Can someone explain to me why you wouldn’t keep your mustache when you have a beard? I don’t get it. I feel like it looks like that magnetic pencil shaving toy from when we were kids.

5. When do you get to the point that working out is supposed to make you happy? I have been working out every day for a year now (WHO AM I) and I still hate it and everyone around me for about three hours afterwards. Please, enlighten me.

6. Have you watched Chef? I just did. And also, that makes me want to open a food truck. Because food.

7. This past year has been about letting go for me. And it feels good. I had my coffee klatsch last week with my dear friend and it was awesome. We often spend hours laughing and talking and it is really great. I feel like I have let go of things that were unhealthy for me and it is empowering. Good people around you really helps.

8. Mad Max Redux. Cannot wait.

9. Corn dogs. WTF are they. Do people really eat these. Why.

10. I am challenging you to use the following wordsin conversation this week:


On that note, stay tuned for marriage advice and wedding news. It’s going to be epic.




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