Easter Candy N Stuff


Easter came in like a wrecking ball at 12:01am February 15. Which means all Valentine’s merchandise and candy was moved to the clearance rack and the chocolate bunnies, eggs, baskets, grass, and plastic eggs were featured once again.

There are some things I would like to discuss, though. Cadbury Cream Eggs. Can we just agree that one bite of one, per year, will put you over the top. DIABETUS!

I mean, I get that they are “good”, but I literally start running in circles and foaming at the mouth when I even smell them. Go away.

Some people are overly obsessed with this seasonal candy. Can we agree on this?

Now, what’s with the hollow chocolate bunnies? Why would you ever want hollow chocolate? I mean, you’re basically a cheapskate. You only got me a shell? Where’s the rest?



Now let’s discuss the best thing ever… I wait for the arrival of Cadbury mini eggs all year! I could eat them by the bucketful. I don’t. But I could.

I share this love with a dear friend of mine (*cough, Sabrina), and last year she and I went through a Sam’s Club sized giant bag of them in the course of… too short a time.



Why do we give and eat candy on Easter, you ask? End of Lent, we’ve been giving things up, in theory… nope, candy company and commercialism. As usual.

And now, some things for your entertainment.


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