K+L Convo


So this randomness happened today ….

Lauren: Just watched the last 45 min of Cast Away at the gym. Emotionally draining start to the day

Katie: I like you so much.  WIIIILLLLSSOOOOOONNNNN


K: I’m getting a pedicure

I have a gyno appointment tomorrow. And my feet look so bad. And I figured if I’m having my vag in someone’s face my feet will be nearby and they are bad

Come get a pedicure.  I’m tired but still fun

L: you are always fun

and i think the sheer volume of meat i just ingested is going to prevent me from going anywhere for a while

and yet, i still wish i had chocolate.  i have an addiction

K: That line: sheer volume of meat I just ingested” has to be my QOTD

I love it. It should just become a daily motto

Every day is meat day

L: MEAT DAYYYYYY – to the tune of hump day

K: And the meat shits?

It’s a meat parrrrty

L: hopefully not


K: I’m getting the cheese grater right now.

This little China doll is going to be buried beneath my foot chips

L: ew – foot chips

K: Omg. Horrible visual

L: is she judging you?

K: She will be


L: #firstworldproblems – my food truck lunch is in a Styrofoam container and i fork stabbed too hard and now juice is spilling on my desk

K: I get your struggle. How is it that Styrofoam lasts for 1,000,000,000 years but isn’t stronger

L: and if it is that bad for the enviro, why do we still make it – don’t make me preach

K: I am shocked you would purchase Styrofoam

L: there wasn’t a choice

K: I’m judging you

L: it’s not like paper or plastic, its here, take this food you already paid for

K: I’m really not

Just fyi

L: omg, i have the guilt

K: I literally do not ever judge you

You know what I think

You and I have guilt about very different things that the other does not. So we kind of balance out the world

L: i have guilt about the enviro and eating too much meat


K: Pretty much everything else but that

L: wow


L: note to self – when eating authentic greek food, assume that the olives are not pitted… lest you crack yo teef

K: That is a must


That made me laugh

L: G and I had an impromptu Big Lebowski / white russian night

K: I love that

L: totally busted out the kahlua

white russians, woot qoot

and for some reason we had 3 varieties…. hazelnut, peppermint, and pumpkin

like a flight of kahlua

K: Oh kahlua

We have such a sordid history

L: for you: http://www.buzzfeed.com/juliapugachevsky/perfect-gifts-for-people-who-love-to-swear?bftw&utm_term=4ldqpg3#.uyLlEq0Xl

K: I loved this


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