Getting to the root of the problem


I know this is going to be a shock to you but….sometimes I’m a total mess. Whoa, right? Lauren will tell you that she is the mess but I am, too. I just hide mine beneath products. PRODUCTS, LAUREN. Lots and lots of potions and lotions and such.

This is an ongoing battle between us. I probably use more products in one day than Lauren does in 5 years. Oh, your curly mermaid hair got frizzy on a hot, Baltimore day. WOMAN. They gots stuff for that. Eyeliner smudgy? Oh, I can totally help you with that.

So imagine my horror when this happened yesterday:

Wednesdays are usually my Coffee Klatsch, when I have coffee in the morning with my buddy and sometimes it also becomes lunch with my buddy. We spend the morning chatting, drinking Columbia’s finest and laughing. A lot. It is wonderful. It may also surprise you that I am mostly running late all the time. I spend so much time getting the husband and boy together that I forget about myself. Add in the products and my fear of someone seeing me without my make up and…

So, in my rush to be on time, I quickly showered and was blow drying my hair when I flipped my head over and went to brush my hair and I had the mother of all knots. Look. I hear you. I know you are shaking your head and thinking – no way, Katie. Yes. Way. I have no idea how it even happened. How is this even a thing?!?! I’m a grown up. I use fancy dancy products that cost way too much. But, alas, there it was. Perched. on the side of my head. Nay, nestled. It was MAMMOTH. So, I did what any self respecting person would do. I sent Lauren a snap of it and we had a good laugh. But this knot was not budging. No sir. Nothing was helping my situation. And then, I had to do it. I had to remove the knot from my head. An urgent text was sent to my friend and hairstylist: When you do my hair and wonder WTF happened, I had a BAD knot and had to extract it. Remember this when I can’t tell you what happened. I could hear her shaking her fist at me from here.

At least this ended up better than the time I got my round brush stuck in my hair.

Some funnies for you:

My Saturday mornings still aren’t the same without SBTB. Lisa Turtle FOREVER

Feeling awfully nostalgic today. *GET OFF MY LAWN*

Pretty much sums up my athletic ability:

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 69 Pics

Also my artistic ability…



Stay tuned for tomorrow’s installment of Bridesmaid Dress Shopping….


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