Snow Day


I love snow days. I always have. Yes, it makes it more difficult to get out and around and certain jobs still have to go out. But I feel like you sign up for that when you become a doctor or a mailman. You know the rules.

I get to work from home when it’s gross out. Which is how it should be.

Now, I will always be a summer / beach person, not a winter / skiing person, but if it has to be cold, and living in Baltimore, it does, it had better be snowing and not just grey and bitter cold and gross.

My dog, Bella, loooooves the snow.  She goes nose first into the snow drift and just gazelle-leaps around, while snuffling and trying to eat snow.

The best things to do in the snow:

  • Sleep in
  • Make hot chocolate
  • Go for a walk
  • Watch movies
  • Make chili
  • Nap
  • Read
  • Shower
  • Get bundles up – use those cute winter clothes you rarely have an excuse to wear
  • Play with the pup in the snow
  • Snuggle with the pup

So for a number of years I didn’t have a pair of winter boots. I never thought about it until I was 4 inches deep. And by then, I am not driving anywhere. I would just wear my running shoes. You know, the kind with mesh vents all over to help them “breathe”…. So in other words, my feet would just get wet. No biggie. I even wrapped plastic bags around my shoes sometimes if I was going to be outside for longer than the walk to and from the car.

Why didn’t I just buy winter boots, you ask? Because I would use them sooooo infrequently, I just didn’t care, couldn’t justify the expense, and honestly didn’t think about it. I wore my target rain boots a few times in the snow. That works fine,. But they were so uncomfortable that I would get blisters,. Yeah, those have been donated….

And now, some snow-related humor for you.

This is hilarious:   Watch a Principal Announce a Snow Day With a ‘Let It Go’ Parody 


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Stay warm, my friends.

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