Taking Advantage of Winter


There are some weird things happening in life right now. Work stressors, family stressors, winter freeze, random swollen painful ear cartilage….

So I thought we would take this time today to think about the good things about winter.

I am not a skier or snowboarder, but I enjoyed some sledding and snowman-making as a kid. I can get down with bundling up and going for a (short) snowy walk. Nothing better than snow outside and fireplace / hot cocoa inside. Snow days? Does it GET ANY BETTER????


But I am an adult now, and I don’t really get snow days. I used to work at a school, so this is a new development in my life. But that’s ok. I can work from home occasionally, so on snowy, treacherous days, I just stay home, bundle up, and enjoy the snuggles of a fluffy pup. While working. Laptop – check!


But when it’s not snowing, and it’s just bitter cold and painful to be outside, dark and dreary, we have to find that “beauty” in winter somewhere. And not the obvious snow and holidays. As to not wish our lives away, always waiting for summer, we have to find a way to enjoy winter anyway. Believe me, I would prefer long, sunny days, warm weather, and palm tree beaches, but that is not my reality. If it is yours – sign off now.

Good things about winter, in no particular order:


Sweaters / sweatpants, to cover up some not-so-desirable parts

The excuse to be a hermit… cuz it’s dark and cold, I am NOT going out!

Red wine. Mmmmmm, red wine.
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Hot chocolate and tea. Tea.

You can see through those bare trees to your neighbors’ houses, big roads, etc. that are usually hidden, giving you some privacy and protecting you from excess noise…. Oh wait, that’s on the negative list … moving on….

Sweating less

Hot tubs are much more enjoyable when it is colder outside


Winter squash

Mulled Cider / Mulled Wine

Going to work and driving home from work in the pitch darkness… oh wait, negative again…

Don’t have to wear sunglasses every time you even think about going or looking outside, because your blues eyes are so sensitive to light you may as well be blind without sunglasses

Did I mention sweating less? Face less moist? Makeup not melting off of you?

Winter clothes are warm and comfy – think fleece pjs and fluffy slippers

No sunburn (unless you’re a ski bunny, which I am not)

Soup, again, cuz it’s so damn good


All food associated with football

No bugs! Well, fewer bugs. No Skeeters!

Netflix or movie marathons… and not feeling guilty about being inside all day

Scarves. Because we all have 8 billion of them and we sweat 8 months of the year if we wear them, so WINTER IS SCARF SEASON, bring it on!

Chapped lips and hands… wait, never mind….

Chili, not to be confused with soup

Not being too hot to snuggle

Care to add any?

Happy Friday!  Go Ravens!


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