Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas, folks! I took a minute to break from the hustle and bustle of Christmas Eve so I could say thank you everyone who takes the time to read our blog. But seriously, I have dinner here at my house in a few hours and I have not even started chipping or chopping. Denial in it’s finest form.

Perhaps I have delusions of grandeur (I vote yes on this one) about how many people have read our musings and but the interwebs tells me so far this year we have had over 4,000 views to our page. Thank you for that. Lauren and I enjoy sharing our hilarity with others and hopefully we made you laugh once or twice.

This year has been filled with many things for me – profound change, loss of friendships, strengthening of other ones, laughs, tears and cheese. Lots of cheese. Too much cheese. Wait. There can never be too much cheese. Next year is bound to be pretty exciting, too. Lauren’s wedding, snow, and probably even weirder things from the two of us. Lauren – thanks for being the very best. I truly wouldn’t have made it this year without you.

From the Musings family of Lauren and Katie, we wish you the merriest of Christmas, Hanukkah, winter break or anything else you celebrate and the happiest New Year.

Be safe, be well, enjoy your family, friend, kids, pets, naps, presents, and food.

There is a lot of good out there. Believe.


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