Weird Car Holiday Decorations


Katie and I met up for lunch today (since I work from home on Mondays). It is always weird to me that I no longer see her and eat lunch with her every day, after 8 years of doing so.

The end of an era.

But I still chat with her online every day … so it’s ok. Not great, but ok.

Anyway, today, as we were leaving Starbucks, the following interaction occurred:

Lauren: I have a question. Does it freak you out when people put antlers and stuff on their cars?

Katie: You know what freaks me out? When birds are on a wire exactly the same distance apart.


SO, no seriously. Why do people put antlers on their cars. Or eyelashes. Or balls? WTF?!?!?

go8f7236-copy 41-VuwLQYwL 0bx07-027-truck balls

People do some weird things with their cars.  Mustaches, lips…  I can get behind a wreath or some fuzzy dice, but come on.

Here’s a list of some amazing ones.  


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