To Twitter or Not To Twitter


I think we can all agree Twitter is ridiculous and only works for companies.  #amiright

The hashtag as a searchable item is helpful. Sort of.  But really….

I have been on Twitter for January, 2009. I only know that because they put it on my profile. I do not tweet my feelings or pics of my lunch. I mostly retweet things that I think are worthy – either funny, or noteworthy in some way. I enjoy having the feed up so I see any important news or hilarity.

I recently noticed that I passed the 2,000 tweets mark. I have tweeted over 2,000 times in the past nearly 5 years. That’s an average of over once a day. #Gross.  But if you want some additional humor in your life and you want to follow me, I won’t stop you.  @lfdavis

In the immortal words of my former boss and forever friend Beth Smith, “How do I twitter?  What is all this twittering about?”

funny-twitter-acronyms-and-birds twi1


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