I’m Calling It


I’m calling it, friends. I’m calling bullshit on Lauren. As you all read from her last post, she suggests that she is not fancy and not a hostess. LIES. Total LIES.

G’s birthday was on Halloween, and Lauren had us all over for a fancy schmancy dinner party. Hello…this is from the girl that thinks it is risky to wear white. Let me give you a little back story…

A few years ago, we became friends with KN. KN is younger than us. She invited us over to her place and when we all walked in both of us were like, OMG KN IS SO FANCY. I consider myself pseudo-fancy. Kind of grown up-ish. I have platters. I throw parties. I have cheese spreaders. And ewers. But KN? Whoa. It was seriously impressive. And we were there informally. Fast forward to the birth of Pinterest. The three of us have a shared page of funny things called, Funny Things. We are super creative. This shared page offered countless hours (still does) of laughter, inappropriate behavior and hilarity. And, the “Nailed it” pins are always some of our favorites.

So, when Lauren wanted to do a dinner for G in their new place for his birthday, A-Pinteresting she went. We spent a lot of time discussing things, talking about menu items, drinks, decorations etc. She was totally into it.

I showed up to her house early to help out a little (read: have some wine and laugh). I COULDN’T believe what I was seeing. There were table cloths. Handmade center pieces. Pillar candles. PILLAR CANDLES, PEOPLE.She made little crafty appetizers. She candied nuts. All week long she was sending me texts of things she had made. It was messing with my mind. It was all stunning. The food? Delicious. The wine? Tasty. The ambiance? Magical.

Guys, our Lauren is crafty.  And a liar. She made all of this with her own two hands. It was great. Oh, and Happy Birthday G!


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