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Happy Friday! I am sitting here, catching up on Friday Night Lights (OMG, so good) while I wait for my car to be ready at the repair shop. Wait, you say. Another car appointment? Why, yes. This time, the engine light came on. ajdsf;laksjf;aldjfa;lskfdjsa;lkdjfa;dlfja;f

Last weekend we had the child’s birthday party. It was really fun. The kid was ecstatic. We had it on a farm on a chilly but beautiful day. Next week is his actual birthday and I know EVERY parent tells you that it goes fast, but I cannot believe how fast it has gone. Six years. It is hard for me to share him with the outside world. He was mine and only mine for 40 weeks. But, it is so great to see him becoming his own person. He is silly, smart, really cute, loves music, loves dancing, loves art and is an overall really, really nice person. I couldn’t be happier with the young man he is becoming. It has been so great watching him grow up. Of course, since he is a Halloween baby, his party included costumes. He was a werewolf. It changes minute by minute from werewolf to vampire. You have to pay close attention to make sure you know to which creature you are talking.

As I mentioned above, my son’s party was a costume party. We like to encourage everyone to dress up. I have a bone to pick with costumes these days. Am I old? Is it finally happening? It could be that my mind is aging and I can’t remember what Halloween was like in college but…WHY IS EVERYTHING SO WHORISH?????????? Why does pizza have to be sexy? Why does EVERYTHING have to be sexy? It took me hours to find a costume that wouldn’t make me look like a two bit hooker at my kid’s party. Do people actually like that? A sexy Smurf? Thank you for destroying my childhood. It’s bad enough Bronies took over My Little Ponies…please stop making them so trashy. Strawberry Shortcake? LEAVE HER ALONE.


Dear GOD NO:



I mean, I get wanting to look good but where the eff are people’s standards? Buzzfeed hit the nail on the head with this one. As you all know, I have always been uber conservative (for sure…, right, EVERYONE WHO KNEW ME IN HS????) but please, have some self respect. Luckily, I was able to find a bee costume that let me show up to my kid’s party not looking whorrific. Phew.

Earlier today, I made a big mistake. I ate way too many fruit snacks. Let’s just say it wasn’t my brightest moment. And three packs. Three packs are too many.

Every day. Lol

I hope you all have a super, duper weekend and that our dear Lauren feels better and her snot storm goes away.

Grumpy cat is sad you're sick


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