Phlegm Attack


When I get sick, I am pretty sure it is the most disgusting thing ever. I don’t get a little sniffle. I get a full blown phlegm attack. I go through boxes and boxes of tissue and I want to do nothing but lay.  And G gets mad because I have the tendency to make a pile of tissues next to me wherever I am.  What?  I am sick – I don’t want to get up and throw them away every 5 minutes….


My mom has a crazy paranoia about antibiotics, and how going on them once a year or so will destroy my immune system and make me immune and that I need to power through. Can I get an actual doctor’s opinion on this? Since doctors are the ones that give me the meds….


Because the faster I can get rid of the phlegm attack and get back to normal, the sooner I can go out, take Bella for walks, do errands, go to work, go to the gym, etc. You know, normal life.

So even though i am beginning to feel better, I figured my coworkers didn’t want to listen to me cough and blow my nose every few minutes.  Especially the girl I sit next to, who happens to be pregnant.

I am gross.

And even though I AM NOT FAKING IT, every time I am sick, I think of Ferris:


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