Cake Tasting Sugar High


Lauren here. Just got back from the beach where G and I are getting married in a few months. We enjoyed our time off work, did some wine tasting at the NJ Wine Fest, and took care of some wedding details. And by wedding details, I mean we did three wedding cake tastings.


32892aabe69c338d1032915ce506d5ac  DSC02432

Remember how I am not allowed to have caffeine? No? I am not allowed to have caffeine. It makes my heart race and do weird things. Clearly, caffeine and sugar effect me deeply. I was literally bouncing and singing and talking 100-words-per-minute. I was probably hideously obnoxious, but I was having a blast.


The three tastings were on different days, so that helped, but there is a certain amount of sugar saturation that one day cannot work through.


Me = Ross Gellar on Maple Candy

Wedding cake is expensive. And delicious. We tried all sorts of different cake flavors (almond cake, nom nom…. ) and fillings (nutella? OMG yes!). And settled on our favorites from the two places we are considering, so that when we pick our place, we will already have the flavors selected. Otherwise, they all blend together and who can remember which butter cream, which vanilla, which chocolate ganache.

And now, some things to help waste your time:

If this were my backyard, I would never leave home.

Does this happen to anyone else? Every time I wash my hands in the bathroom, I walk away with a soaked shirt, in a line from leaning up against the sink.

G is thinking, “Well, maybe if you didn’t make such a watery mess at the sink….” I KNOW! But no, I am talking about like every sink. Public sinks. ALWAYS WET SHIRTS!

Important Facts About Old Bay Every Baltimorean Should Know

I am used to being out-done by being who are older, wiser, more experienced…. But recently there have been a number of BAMF dancer kids who are like under 13 and who can KILL it on the dance floor. Like, they could RULE So you Think You Can Dance.  I would hurt myself.  Nay, die.

For example, this 8-yr-old…..

Also. Ebola. Be safe.


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