Procrastination, you win again


Hi guys! You were SUPPOSED to be reading this on Monday. Except, I fell into a swirl of procrastination brought on by too many things to do, rainy weather and sweat pants. It has been quite a feat to dig myself out of it. Also, Gilmore Girls.

There are a few things about me that have happened over the years as I adjusted to married life. By nature I am a clean, organized, ABC ordered, dust free person.I like to get things DONE! By marriage, I have had to deal with socks shoved under the coffee table, dishes in the sink, piles of mail on the table…etc. And, this week, it got to me. The piles, the to do list, the want to do things got swept aside in favor of milling about in yoga pants, episodes of GG on in the background while I move one pile of things from one end of the table to the other. And naps. I hate feeling this way. Over the weekend, husband and I were quite productive in the front yard – winterizing and decorating for Halloween. It was super. Monday brought the backyard task but Mother Nature was so cruel and she brought on the rain. And, as I sit here looking at the stacks of mail that I don’t feel like dealing with, the rain continues.

Le sigh. So, today, as I immediately made a mistake and drank that third cup of coffee (sorry, heart), I showered (victory is mine), made my hair frizzier (thanks, humidity) and opened my mail. I also ran errands! WOOOO! Now, as soon as this rain stops I’m taking all of this stuff to Good Will.

Hope your week has been more productive than mine.


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