Stromboli vs Calzone


Nom Nom Nom


So, G decided to ghost write for today’s blog. He selected his favorite noms: bread, cheese, and sauce in the forms of strombolis and calzones.

calzone and stumboli

So today we were having a debate of which is better: a Calzone or a Stromboli.

Funny, most people don’t even know there is a difference between the two. In which case, please allow me to explain the two in detail… 

The calzone is defined as a half-moon shaped stuffed pizza that may include fillings such as meats, vegetables and cheeses. Calzones may be baked or deep-fried. It also originated in Naples.


folded calzone

The stromboli is a specialty of Philadelphia.  Nazzareno “Nat” Romano father of Pete Romano Sr., owner of Romano’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant in Essington, Pa. was the creator of the Stromboli in 1950. He was inspired by a form of Italian “stuffed” pizza in which various fillings are sandwiched between two layers of dough and baked without sauce. From that, he got the idea of making a loaf of bread with having it stuffed instead of toped like a flat pizza. He put them out on the counter as samples. The name Stromboli is also a place, a very small volcanic island off the coast of Sicily. Pete Romano’s famous quote is “We didn’t invent bread or stuffed bread but we invented the name stromboli.”


rolling a stromboli

 So in conclusion a calzone is a puffy half-moon shape or football like folded pizza, while a stromboli, are long loafs of bread with pizza toppings backed in the middle, often in the shapes of rectangles or rolled like a jelly roll.

Well, whether you’re on Team Calzone or Team Stromboli (please make shirts, I’ll buy G one for Xmas), we can all agree that pizza = good. Cheese = good. Bread = good. I believe the more toppings the better.


So, stay hungry my friends.

And now, some funny pizzas for you:


I would feel so constrained at the toes:


Me, every time. “Just put it directly on the oven rack” they say …


And now, the future of obesity:



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