Baltimore is a Sports Town


I am wearing my Purple Friday t-shirt to work today, “Super Boh Bound” with the natty Boh guy winking out at you on the body of a Ravens football player. I totally forgot that today was a playoff game for the Orioles and that I should, therefore, be wearing orange.


I was promptly reminded, though, when I got to work and a coworker said, “Why are you here? I figured you’d be at the game today!” So guess what, I am leaving ½ day and going to the game. Why not? How often does our team look this good and play post-season games at home?  Apparently our slogan for this year’s post season is “We Won’t Stop.” Which makes me think of the lame Miles Cyrus Song, “We Can’t Stop.”

“We Won’t Stop” Video:

So I texted G to bring me an Orioles hat, and maybe an orange t-shirt, though I know that in our town, people would understand me wearing purple, as well.   Time to light rail down to the stadium, enjoy some overprices sausages and maybe a burrrr.

(Last year )


I was looking into whether Baltimore considers itself a football or baseball town. Orioles have been with us since 1954, Colts were with us from 1953-1983, and the Ravens have been here since 1996 or 1997. They have all had championship years and not so good years. We have worn the colors, clapped and stomped the cheers, eater the hotdogs and drank the beer.


Baltimore is a sports town. People don’t feel like they need to label themselves as one of the other. They support both the Ravens and the Orioles. They may follow one more closely than the other (*cough, wearing purple on clearly an orange Friday), but they aren’t anti the other team. Which I think makes us winning. We support and love everyone. YAY!


Fair-weathered fans? I mean, somewhat… when the O’s were horrible for years and years…. No one cared and no one went to the games. Now that we are winning, everyone is like, I SUPPORT THE O’S!

Everyone was all over a certain short Ravens player who was involved in anti-bullying campaigns, and then they crucify him the instant he beats his GF. I mean, he did a bad bad thing, yes, but many other professional athletes have done the same and worse and weren’t kicked out and evicted from the hearts of their towns as immediately as Ray.


From one Baltimore sports writer:   “I’ve thought a lot about whether this is a football town or baseball town,” said Matt Taylor, who grew up an Orioles fan and started a blog, Roar From 34, in 2006 so he could vent. “I think what I’ve I settled on is that it’s a sports town. The fans are willing to get behind any team as long as it’s competitive. If one team struggles as badly as the Orioles have, people are going to lose interest. I think it wouldn’t take much, just a .500 record, and people would still be talking about the team even when Ravens training camp started. The passion is there, but it’s hard not be a little cynical.”
–  The Sun‘s Kevin Van Valkenburg

I can get on that.

I grew up going to a handful of Orioles games with my dad. My aunt, uncle, and cousins had season tickets (and my cousin was hit by a flying bat at one point…. ouch). I didn’t care about football until I graduated from college and moved home and started watching with friends and boyfriends, going to bars, and enjoying the atmosphere and the conviviality. And then I got really into football. Well, the Ravens. I couldn’t tell you a single thing about any players on other teams. But I knew all the Ravens.

This year is my first year in a fantasy league. I am growing. J

My point is, sports teams bring us together in a positive way. We are one. We win together. We lose together. We cheer and wear team colors and post bumper stickers.


Go Baltimore. Go team!

ravens orioles

And…  just for good measure…

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