Wow, we sure got a lot of people riled up with Lauren’s Comcast post from yesterday. Well, a few weeks ago, husband and I decided to get rid of our movie channels and switch over to Netflix. Cheaper choice. More options. Me likey.

Here is the thing. I REALLY want to watch shows. I really do. And if they are on at night things happen. I fall asleep. I forget they are on. I stop caring. So, I am still on episode 3 of season 6 of True Blood. OMG DON’T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED. Also, Eric. Times one million. We are also only two episodes into AHS: Asylum. Ugh. We are the worst. But, this thing happens around 9:30 every night where my eyes are like, “Please! Please close!” and then it happens. As you can see, I am a lot of fun.

So, we got the Netflix. And then it happened. The son started watching Christmas movies. The husband kept choosing the SCARIEST movies he could find which interfered with said sleepy eyes and created nightmares. As for me? IT happened. What is ‘IT,’ you say? I turned on Parenthood. I fully committed. And 71 episodes later I’m hooked. I cannot stop watching. It’s like a drug. I’m binging. It is fabulous. Guess what? I just added Friday Night Lights. OMG. Will anyone see me anymore? Probably not.

funny memes about netflix 12 funny memes about netflix (12)

Tyrone Biggums : Netflix, Y'all Got Any, More Of Them Episodes? - by Anonymous

You know, this streaming thing is pretty awesome. I remember when, after I walked  5 miles uphill in the snow with newspaper shoes, my favorite show was only on ONCE a week. And you had to wait to see it. Taught us patience. Taught us to enjoy things. Just kidding. It sucked. I love this.

And it totally beats Comcast. Suckers.

Now, if you’ll excuse me. I need to watch one more episode. I’m DYING to see what is going to happen with Julia and Joel (I hate their daughter! UGH She is the worst.) I’ll just be the one on the couch over there. Shhhhhh….I can’t hear.


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