Pivot… PIVOT!


So, G and I moved into a townhouse. Literally 1/2 mile down the road. Close and convenient, you think? So close, in fact, that we have done 8 billion trips back and forth trying to use only our two tiny sedans.

It’s been winning.

Where are your lovely friends and giant family, you ask. Busy. Better plans. G’s 60+ parents and 70+ aunt and uncle helped. (L: please don’t die… please don’t pull something… please don’t fall….) Ain’t no thang.

My young and virile peeps? Nope. Love you all. But nope.

This is me moving….

84f6297eb8a9915cc74a78afb8a0e544 c4b5c5f22de349f3176d3853cd48e66c cdd2681e3cf94082269dfab38dcb2b43

I am so lucky G wants to marry me…


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