Cable Companies – The Death of Customer Service


– Lauren

We have all done it – taken off work to wait for the cable guy. They say, someone will stop by between 8am-2pm, and you think, wow, that’s my entire day, but I neeeeeed 300+ channels, DVR, movies, and internet, but if I call and complain or cancel, I’ll have to wait another week for someone to come.


And you know that when they come, it will be at the very end of that 6-hour timeframe, and they will arrive and not have a cable you need, or a connection, or your wiring is old, or they need to access… something. Whatever. It most likely will take another trip. Another day at home, missing work, another week without the new season of Scandal.

And then we think, why do we put up with this? Is this what my 10th grade History teacher was talking about when he lectured on the evils on monopolies in business? YES! Ugh!


The feisty, shaking fist side of me thinks, I will stand for this, I will not wait for 6 hours! You tell me a time, and you be there, dammit. I am not your bitch.


And then I wait anyway, looking out the window at each car, hoping it’s the cable guy’s van. And I admit, yes I am their bitch.

Sad panda.


Stupid cable companies.



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