Ah… the 90’s…


Lauren here.

Today we discuss my formative decade… the 90’s.

First things first. Watch this awesome attempt by Internet Explorer to be cool again:

IE: Stop trying to make fetch happen. The point is, IE sucks and doesn’t work as well as ANY of the other browsers. Fold it up. Move on out.

My brother and I were collectors growing up. I would say we spent the 80’s and early 90’s filling boxes and drawers with ORIGINAL Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Little Ponies, GI Joes, X-Men, and Transformers. All of these childhood shows / toys have come back in various forms, but none of them can compare to their glorious, colorful, power ballad-ridden 80’s ancestors.

Today’s “bronies” are horrifying and deleterious to our youth. ‘Nuff said.

Today’s TMNT are… disappointing…

Cowabunga, dudes!  Remember how awesome those turtle boys were?

The Michael Bay Transformers movies… all puff and no depth.   Check out the original movie trailer… just listen to that synth! (OMG You just said synth, Lauren.)

We collected X-Men cards nonstop. Like, we had binders and binders of them, guys. We held trades and tried to swindle unsuspecting “friends” out of cards we needed to complete out sets.


Pogs? Trolls? Roller Blades?   Why you gotta be so far away from me?


Katie here…

Ah, the 90’s. I have to say, it was a great decade for my bangs. Mall bangs were the best. I could make that curling iron SIZZLE. Ssssssss. So, as you all know, I am a little older than Lauren so, yes, while I agree with her review of the 90’s (Go Ninja, Go Ninja, GO!), I have a few other remembrances that I want to share!

I spent many an afternoon reading the latest copies of Sassy and Jane learning about all the hip new trends and watching 90210 and My So Called Life (Dylan and Jordan Catalano FOREVER). You cannot resist a boy in a puka shell necklace. Don’t even try. Let’s not forget that I was probably on the cutting edge of fashion. Contempo Casuals, anyone?

The later 90’s brought on the popular rave culture. Ah, the bigger then legs of the jeans….the weirder you looked. JNCO forever. Actually, they were as good of an idea as hyper color t-shirts which were so great and pointed out where you were hot (so great). Hey, I’m just going to say it. I liked to wear 100 butterfly clips in my hair. I wanted it to look just like Topenga. I swear to you that I did. Uncanny.

Husband and I still say “Whoa.” I dare you to fight the urge to watch Blossom now. You can’t.

My sister and I were a huge fan of jelly shoes. Remember how they would seal to your feet when they got hot and sweaty and you couldn’t get them off!? Ugh. They smelled so  bad. But so worth it.

I have one word for you: Zubaz. Please, can we never bring these back? Dan Marino can’t even make these cool

Things we should totally bring back:

  • Mandatory LipSmackers. Except Dr. Pepper. Gross
  • Esprit. Esprit ANYTHING
  • Doc Martens. Actually, I still have mine. 10 holes FOREVA
  • Trapper Keepers. Even if you are a grown up. You still deserve that unicorn TK. The raw power of Velcro.
  • Pop Rocks. I bet these are still around but as I realize I’m probably way closer to being diagnosed with the diabetes than I was 20 years ago, I cannot say for sure. Don’t you remember that risky moment when you poured the entire bag into your mouth and drank a Coke and for a moment – just that very moment, you thought “OMG I hope to God those rumors are not true and my head is not going to explode. My mom would kill me.” The thrill of it.
  • Surge. Or Jolt. See above.

But, I will honestly share with you a serious, defining moment that happened to me. I had a job in the 90’s and was still in high school I had a job. When I would get paid, I would always head down to the record store and check out the new music as music is really important to me both then and now. You know how everyone remembers things? Where were you when…? Well, I remember driving down the road while listening to the radio (10 and 2, Dad, I SWEAR) when this new band came on. I remember that very moment when it seemed like the whole world stopped. I had never heard anything like it. I couldn’t get enough of it. And, while I had many wonderful and terrible things happen to me in my adolescence in the 1990’s, this moment forever changed me. So, with that I will leave you.


One thought on “Ah… the 90’s…

  1. Mr. BlogStalker

    Well, not a 90’s guy but I know some 90’s folk, most better than worse. I don’t get pogs or Rainbow Bright or my pretty plastic horse with weird hair, but I’l grant that you’re entitled to your own upbringing. There’s no escaping it, no excusing it. You cannot rid yourself of your generation; the only authentic thing we have is who were before we had to be cool.

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