Daily LOLz – Thursday, Shmursday


Lauren here. Brain dead from an INCREDIBLY busy week at work, so taking a few minutes for my brain to heal and recuperate… by finding some humorous links and images for you.


I strongly encourage you to click on these links. When have I EVER let you down????

People You Know Are Definitely Dead Now

cuz they’re dumb …


Reasons Literary Nerds Will Love Tumblr

love smart jokes and references….


Kids Who Shut Down Picture Day

these kids are BAMFs


And now, for some slightly pretentious, but humorous photos:

d484aa6f9a25a7602be6570c1f626b46 df7a6f114f977d52bbbf079b0e21b799

The result of me working for a tech company and also being the slowest runner in the world. The woooooooorrld….


Freedom is:


Happy Thursday. My brain is fried like an egg at a diner in the south on a Sunday after church.



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