Pivot… PIVOT!


So, G and I moved into a townhouse. Literally 1/2 mile down the road. Close and convenient, you think? So close, in fact, that we have done 8 billion trips back and forth trying to use only our two tiny sedans.

It’s been winning.

Where are your lovely friends and giant family, you ask. Busy. Better plans. G’s 60+ parents and 70+ aunt and uncle helped. (L: please don’t die… please don’t pull something… please don’t fall….) Ain’t no thang.

My young and virile peeps? Nope. Love you all. But nope.

This is me moving….

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I am so lucky G wants to marry me…


Cable Companies – The Death of Customer Service


– Lauren

We have all done it – taken off work to wait for the cable guy. They say, someone will stop by between 8am-2pm, and you think, wow, that’s my entire day, but I neeeeeed 300+ channels, DVR, movies, and internet, but if I call and complain or cancel, I’ll have to wait another week for someone to come.


And you know that when they come, it will be at the very end of that 6-hour timeframe, and they will arrive and not have a cable you need, or a connection, or your wiring is old, or they need to access… something. Whatever. It most likely will take another trip. Another day at home, missing work, another week without the new season of Scandal.

And then we think, why do we put up with this? Is this what my 10th grade History teacher was talking about when he lectured on the evils on monopolies in business? YES! Ugh!


The feisty, shaking fist side of me thinks, I will stand for this, I will not wait for 6 hours! You tell me a time, and you be there, dammit. I am not your bitch.


And then I wait anyway, looking out the window at each car, hoping it’s the cable guy’s van. And I admit, yes I am their bitch.

Sad panda.


Stupid cable companies.


A Must Read


Hello, fellow cheese fanatics! I came across this little gem today.

I think it would be best if we figured out a time when we could all get together and have a giant cheese jamboree.

Come on…you know you want to. It would be so Gouda.


Family Journey – Lauren Davis


The family, that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape, nor, in our innermost hearts, ever quite wish to.  – Dodie Smith (author of 101 Dalmatians)

This past weekend, my extended family made a trek up to the mountainous town of Waitsfield, VT, to say goodbye to a beloved son, father, husband, friend, cousin, or, in my case, uncle. Jim was quite literally a man for all seasons; energetic, boisterous, opinionated, intense, “bullish”, determined, loyal, and loving. He was not gentle, but he was a powerful presence, someone around whom people gathered.

I will not attempt to eulogize Jim, for the speakers this past weekend truly captured his spirit and his life, but I will share some remembrances about the weekend.

After a gruelingly long drive up in the back seat of the family SUV, regressing to adolescent singing, poking, eye rolling, getting annoyed and loving the togetherness, exhausted but excited to see everyone, we emerged to the chilly, clean air of the mountains, surrounded by family, hugs, support, laughter, tears, and a feeling that we were all experiencing a fragment of Jim’s last year as a retired man embracing a quiet life for the first time in his 60+ years.

Along with my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, my family was joined by Jim’s cousins, in-laws, family friends from high school, college, and throughout the years. Family flew in from Africa, from Alaska, from Ohio, from all over, to say goodbye, to remember, to support, and to just “be” with the powerfully rooted tree of family that has become the backbone and touchstone of all of our lives.

We have all experienced losses over the years. We have celebrated lives and mourned deaths, we have gathered for weddings, graduations, new babies, and more, but our family is truly at its best when someone is in need. When someone we love is hurting, when we are all hurting, the far reaches of the Earth clench in, and we all retreat into the warm den of family. And just “be”.

For those who have never experienced the uplifting hug of 100 people, you most likely think I am exaggerating. I assure you, I am not.

For many of us in the younger generation, Jim was an occasional visitor, a sometime Cape May participant. He was not a fixture, but a surprise and always-welcome guest. Many cousins observed that while they did not necessarily have a tangible relationship with their uncle, his absence will be felt at a bone deep level. Our family has been fractured. The six siblings are now five and that can never be healed.

Watching our grandparents and parents in such pain, watching the pillars of strength of one’s life crumble in heartbreak is physically painful to experience. We found ourselves in shock and shaken to our cores, because those who have seemed unshakeable, were shaken. Those who we have leaned on, now leaned on us.

Despite the tears, this weekend was beautiful. A gorgeous sendoff for a wonderfully loved man. A burial, a service, a reception, many repeated and dragged out goodbyes, and then another ten-hour drive home, we all left this weekend a little more at peace than we entered it. A little closer to normal. And although Jim’s family and friends may not yet be ready to feel comforted, the family octopus with 100 tentacles is always there to pull us in and enclose us when we are in need, and my family will always be ready and willing, pushy sometimes, to help, to love, to “be”.

Ah… the 90’s…


Lauren here.

Today we discuss my formative decade… the 90’s.

First things first. Watch this awesome attempt by Internet Explorer to be cool again:

IE: Stop trying to make fetch happen. The point is, IE sucks and doesn’t work as well as ANY of the other browsers. Fold it up. Move on out.

My brother and I were collectors growing up. I would say we spent the 80’s and early 90’s filling boxes and drawers with ORIGINAL Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Little Ponies, GI Joes, X-Men, and Transformers. All of these childhood shows / toys have come back in various forms, but none of them can compare to their glorious, colorful, power ballad-ridden 80’s ancestors.

Today’s “bronies” are horrifying and deleterious to our youth. ‘Nuff said.

Today’s TMNT are… disappointing…

Cowabunga, dudes!  Remember how awesome those turtle boys were?

The Michael Bay Transformers movies… all puff and no depth.   Check out the original movie trailer… just listen to that synth! (OMG You just said synth, Lauren.)

We collected X-Men cards nonstop. Like, we had binders and binders of them, guys. We held trades and tried to swindle unsuspecting “friends” out of cards we needed to complete out sets.


Pogs? Trolls? Roller Blades?   Why you gotta be so far away from me?


Katie here…

Ah, the 90’s. I have to say, it was a great decade for my bangs. Mall bangs were the best. I could make that curling iron SIZZLE. Ssssssss. So, as you all know, I am a little older than Lauren so, yes, while I agree with her review of the 90’s (Go Ninja, Go Ninja, GO!), I have a few other remembrances that I want to share!

I spent many an afternoon reading the latest copies of Sassy and Jane learning about all the hip new trends and watching 90210 and My So Called Life (Dylan and Jordan Catalano FOREVER). You cannot resist a boy in a puka shell necklace. Don’t even try. Let’s not forget that I was probably on the cutting edge of fashion. Contempo Casuals, anyone?

The later 90’s brought on the popular rave culture. Ah, the bigger then legs of the jeans….the weirder you looked. JNCO forever. Actually, they were as good of an idea as hyper color t-shirts which were so great and pointed out where you were hot (so great). Hey, I’m just going to say it. I liked to wear 100 butterfly clips in my hair. I wanted it to look just like Topenga. I swear to you that I did. Uncanny.

Husband and I still say “Whoa.” I dare you to fight the urge to watch Blossom now. You can’t.

My sister and I were a huge fan of jelly shoes. Remember how they would seal to your feet when they got hot and sweaty and you couldn’t get them off!? Ugh. They smelled so  bad. But so worth it.

I have one word for you: Zubaz. Please, can we never bring these back? Dan Marino can’t even make these cool

Things we should totally bring back:

  • Mandatory LipSmackers. Except Dr. Pepper. Gross
  • Esprit. Esprit ANYTHING
  • Doc Martens. Actually, I still have mine. 10 holes FOREVA
  • Trapper Keepers. Even if you are a grown up. You still deserve that unicorn TK. The raw power of Velcro.
  • Pop Rocks. I bet these are still around but as I realize I’m probably way closer to being diagnosed with the diabetes than I was 20 years ago, I cannot say for sure. Don’t you remember that risky moment when you poured the entire bag into your mouth and drank a Coke and for a moment – just that very moment, you thought “OMG I hope to God those rumors are not true and my head is not going to explode. My mom would kill me.” The thrill of it.
  • Surge. Or Jolt. See above.

But, I will honestly share with you a serious, defining moment that happened to me. I had a job in the 90’s and was still in high school I had a job. When I would get paid, I would always head down to the record store and check out the new music as music is really important to me both then and now. You know how everyone remembers things? Where were you when…? Well, I remember driving down the road while listening to the radio (10 and 2, Dad, I SWEAR) when this new band came on. I remember that very moment when it seemed like the whole world stopped. I had never heard anything like it. I couldn’t get enough of it. And, while I had many wonderful and terrible things happen to me in my adolescence in the 1990’s, this moment forever changed me. So, with that I will leave you.

Random Thoughts


Hello there!  Katie here.

So, for those of you that know me, you get know this about me. For those that don’t – I’ll break it to you gently. I’m a hypochondriac. I have an intense relationship with WebMD. I watch weird medical shows on TLC so in the event there is an issue, I can correctly identify it. Seriously. I could one day save your life. Also I need to solve my ailments.

Sometimes (ok, all the time), being a hypochondriac can be stressful. I am totally aware of this and try so, so hard to stamp it way, way deep down with my other feelings. But sometimes, I can’t. Headache? Brain tumor. Oh, yesterday I pulled a muscle in my back? Kidney infection. I can also solve your medical mysteries if you want me to.

Lauren sometimes thinks this is funny. Today, she sent me this link. Real funny, Lauren. Real funny. Except now, instead of igniting the hypochondriacal nature, it ignited my curiosity. I have so many questions. I just want to see. Just a peek. I HAVE TO HAVE THE ANSWERS. Just kidding. My WebMD buddy will tell me the truth.

And just so you are aware – I have not put the app on my phone. I would never, ever get anything else done.

Onto more important things!

This is serious, people. I need to eat all of these. I think that it is really important to make these, gather with your buddies and dig in. I know, I know. I’m always thinking about food. Well, yes, it is true. But, you know what good food means to me? Being with my friends. Laughing. Enjoying them. Telling funny stories. Sharing. Cause, you know what? I wouldn’t get through life without my friends. And food. There has to be food. And probably cheese. Who am I kidding?! There is always cheese.

Husband and I have made a very life changing decision. We canceled our movie channels and got Netflix. Now, I have been sucked into the vortex of Parenthood. OMG. Have you guys watched this show? What. The. Hell. It is so good. How is this possible? I swear that I will once again emerge and wear clean clothes and wash my hair. There are only 90 episodes. Also, it made me really miss John Ritter. If you watch it, you know what I mean.

This morning I was having breakfast with the son and, you know when you have one of those moments where you feel like shit or not good enough or just in a funk? Well, we were talking about glasses because the husband has an eye appointment. The boy asked me to see pictures of grown men in glasses so he could see what husband would look like if he needed to get them. Google had one billion pictures and one of them was of Tom Brady. I told him this man was a very famous football player and was married to one of the most beautiful women in the whole world. And he looked at me and said, “Well, you are one of the most beautiful women in the world, too, Mommy.” And, you know what? I may not be the thinnest, the prettiest, or whatever thing I beat myself up over on a particular day. But today? I felt like it.

The struggle is so real right now, you guys. So real.

I’m totally digging this song right now. Very 80’s. Which, of course, is the best decade. We can all be thankful that I was not in my 20’s during that time as I wouldn’t be alive today to tell you random things. So, break out your L.A. Gears and be totally, totally outrageous today.

Fun times with a pup. Lauren, where are the Bella the Luck Dragon pics like this. Get on it.

One more thing….Have I died and gone to heaven? Me want.

Have a super, duper, awesome rest of your day. Here are some Peter Dinklage pictures to help you get through the rest of your day.

Videos and Photos for Your Enjoyment


Hi all, Lauren here.  I have no direction in my head today. But I do like to share. So. Here you go.

A few videos and such for your amusement:


Violinist Takes on Super Mario Bros.



This reminds me of Katie and her “rational” fear of the ocean.


Legos are TOTALLY awesome!


So, this is infinitely funnier to me since I had this asian print in my room in college….  C IS FOR COOKIE!0863413be34b19580bdcbca27d1855ad

….  like a boss….


Because, cheese.


This is funny, until you realize he is looking at you.c10e8272b3c865a186615fa4dd958d76

All dog owners out there will appreciate this.  Bella does this.  She loves to eat paper.  But especially bills and TP.  Sigh.  feae17ad3f98904c456dc405d96d9a79