First Day Jitters


I had the greatest blog post in the world for you guys today. You cannot believe how wonderful it was. But – guess what. I couldn’t get it out of my head and onto this page. You know why? Because, as I sit here staring at this screen, my head is wrapped around my kid who is, at this very moment, eating lunch for the very first time in a cafeteria filled with classmates. Yes, yes, I realize he has been in preschool for the past four years, but still. I just shipped him off on a bus with a driver that I don’t know to a school where I don’t know the other kids, their parents or the teachers. HOW SCARY IS THAT???!!! He was so excited to ride the bus. To be honest, I cried to my husband last night because I was scared. Do they screen these people? Drug test them? Husband assured me that they do and that all will be fine.

While we were at his school orientation, I walked the boy around so he could see everything. We came upon the gym and as it was empty, we did the only thing you can do – we ran all around it. And as I watched him circling the room, I looked around. And the gym seemed so small. And he seemed so big. And I remember elementary school and how big everything seemed. And I realized, to him, it really is. And it made me so happy for all that lies ahead for him. I know, I know. Every parent thinks their kid is made of gold. Well, mine certainly is. He is smart. He is kind. He is sensitive. He is funny. And I’m so, so excited for what he will become in the next few weeks, months and years. I want him to want to go to school. I want him to learn and grow and life a healthy life. I want him to not be scared.

So, I sit here, counting down the minutes until I can go pick him and hear all about his first real day at school. I hope for the rest of you who have kids or at least see the first day of school pics on Facebook are doing ok on your first day of school, too. I promise to return to my usual self next week.

Until then, have a super Labor Day weekend and enjoy these:

Ghostbusters is 30??

Because Nathan Fillion and Joss Whedon are amazing.

I miss the 80’s.


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