From the New Workplace – Lauren


As I have mentioned, I left my cozy school webmaster job of 8 years in May and started working for a school website hosting company.  The difference in atmosphere, attitude, attire, and assignments (like how I used my alliteration?) has been educational and fun. 

I no longer have an office to myself, now I share one giant space with a bunch of people. No privacy, but lots of random conversations and beach balls being hit around.


I no longer have screaming girls running through the hallway every 50 minutes (between classes). Now I have absolute silence, broken only by client phone calls and occasional football tossing breaks (remember the comment about me eating the apple and the crunch echoing? This is real life). 

People are happy to be here and enjoy hanging out with the bosses outside of work. Before, we’d have a “mandatory” fac/staff gathering at the head of school’s house. It was no fun, no one could let loose, and if you didn’t come, it was…. noted…. Now, we go to bars and crab feasts and picnics, paid for by the boss, where we hang, drink beer, tell stories about clients, and enjoy ourselves.

crab feast beer

I no longer have to look business-casual / preppy at all times… hair perfectly quaffed. (Let’s be honest, I always looked like a scrub anyway.) Now, I can roll in with wet hair, tshirt, shorts, flip flops, and it is normal. Hoodies? Yes. Basketball shorts? Apparently. Most of the people are in tight jeans and graphic tees everyday, as I am surrounded by geeks / hipsters.




My workload is no longer, “I know that’s not really your job, but someone thought it was a good idea and doesn’t want to hear otherwise, so just do it.” Now, I know exactly what I am responsible for, where and when I need to be, I am trusted to get my work done, clocks are not watched, I can work from home occasionally, and when I need to learn something new, I am taught and then left on my own. Like a grown up. 



I am feeling quite refreshed.  Though that may be last night’s free crabs and beer, and this morning’s work bagel gathering.  Who can say?


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