Pants are always optional and other musings


Pants are totally overrated. At least that is what my kid would say. He is almost six and I am sure he would never wear pants if we allowed it. Since he is my one and only I have no idea if this is normal or not, I just have to run with what we know. And what we know is that he could do without them. He has always been like this, too. When he was able to start taking his pants on and off himself, he would always remove them the minute we walked in the front door. He usually isn’t even in the house one foot before the shoes, pants and socks are off. God forbid you are carrying groceries or have to go to the bathroom – he flat out stops as he crosses the threshold. He does the same thing EVERY TIME. It does not matter if it is cold. It doesn’t matter if other people are here. In fact, we have to have “Is this a pants occasion talk” before we have parties or friends over. Even when the cable guy is on his way. It is hilarious. We are going to have such a good time at his wedding rehearsal dinner sharing fun stories about him. Also, he is going to be a hoot in college. Good lord.

The struggle is so real for me right now. My phone and I are in a huge fight. It is autocorrecting me all the time. This is my new plight. It is driving me crazy. I know we have talked  before about how demure I am and how I never use foul language. That is actually a lie.  And, Scientists. I agree.

I like to say it is because I am passionate and honest. Yeah, that is right. I want you to know exactly how I am feeling right this very moment. My closest buddies know what I am talking about. I know they appreciate it. Especially Lauren. She, along with the husband, usually get the brunt of it. I have felt very censored as of late. Damon you, ducking phone.

Please watch the video after you look at the pictures – my hands were sweating the whole time.

I laughed and laughed and laughed.

This is me. Sorry, folks. I try.

Some funnies:

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Every time


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