Friday Hilarity & Such


I love me some Katie, but since she is so busy staying at home with her son now, grrrr, I am going to go ahead and blog for her.  Every day she says she will post, but then…  they went to the zoo….  or watched a movie…  or snuggled….  or did some errands….  OMG they’re so busy sending me lightsaber snapchats! 

This is Katie here….Lauren is full of BOLOGNA. She just wishes she could be going to the zoo with us. And don’t you dare judge those lightsaber snaps…you know you love them. Well, buddies, today is a twofer. Enjoy our musings!

So, today I am just sharing two awesome and worthy links. 

Hilarious …. Best Text Comebacks EVER!



Just one more reason to love him… 25 Of Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s Most Mind Blowing Tweets


Happy weekend.  Stay classy, y’all.


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