Ravens & Bohs, Crabs & O’s



It’s a Baltimore thing. Well, maybe a Maryland thing. We are fiercely loyal to our teams and our brands. We have bumper stickers not only supporting the SUPERBOWL-WINNING Ravens and historically awesome Orioles, but also Old Bay, Smythe, Utz, and Natty Boh, some of Baltimore’s big company names.


The Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab should really be renamed the Balmer Blue Crab, or the Marrlind Blue Crab, Hon!


Sure, we have some other big things happening… Preakness, Star-Spangled Banner lyrics being writer, Edgar Allen Poe, the National Aquarium in Baltimore, the Inner Harbor, the “confusion” about us being in the North or the South (or the fact that no one in Maryland cares), US Naval Academy in Annapolis, etc… But if you ask anyone in Baltimore, they’ll stick with Ravens & Bohs, Crabs & O’s. And they’ll be 100% right.


Katie and I are going to see an O’s game tonight, taking the Lightrail, getting some Bohs & sausages. Get ready, Camden Yards, something crazy your way comes!



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