Getting to the core of things


Last night I took my second body sculpt class. Now, maybe you have read my previous blog about the gym and know that I am trying to get into shape. Well, let’s be honest. I have a “shape,” just not the one that I actually want. How long can I claim it’s baby weight? I’m approaching six years..I say I have about 15 left.

Let’s be honest. Growing a person is hard work. It does some wacky things to your body. Also, cheese.

I hear all of these rumors about your “core.” I have no idea what that is. I know, for a fact, that I do not have a “core.” I should start a support group for folks like me. Each time I have taken this class, the teachers are these really small, fit women who make everything look so effortless. I’m too terrified I’ll drop a weight or have a heart attack or start sobbing to even look around at my fellow class members to see if they, too, struggle like me. These teachers are incredible. Not even a sweat. I’m a mess just dragging out the mats we need. On one hand, I love that they are casually lifting weights while the rest of us are trying not to break our feet after dropping that heavy three pounder. But on the other hand – can you try to look like this is a bit of a struggle for you, too? PRETEND. Make me feel a little better about my plight. But hopefully, the payoff will be that I will be like that one day and the gal next to me will write a blog post about how fit I am and how annoying it is. *fingers crossed*

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Things I learned last night:
1 – I have zero muscles. None. Nada. No muscles.I thought I was going to die. Plank, you say? No thanks, I say. I was almost in tears.And she had us doing these leg inner thigh things and UGH.Why has my body become such a bag of mush?!? Well then, Super In Shape Teacher Lady was like now rock back and forth on your toes. And when i stopped internally screaming and crying, i tried it and then  my “core” almost exploded.
Funny Exercising Photos 19
2 – I noticed on my way out of the gym a girl taking a selfie. People look so stupid doing that in real life. I mean, me at my desk, sure. In the parking lot? No thank you. Send me funny ones? Always acceptable.
3 – I had fun. I waited until the very end to tell you that. But it is true.
4 – My fantasy that people don’t see me while I’m working out at the gym still rings true. I like to extend the same courtesy to the folks also there working out. I literally have no idea who is doing what or where they are. I’m too busy trying not to sing out loud or cry.
Things for you to enjoy today:
I have a ton of relationships with people in my head who don’t know that we are already friends. This has created many, many weird situations for me. I’m glad I’m not alone.
I may or may not use all of these
Random fun fact – I LOVE local commercials. They are so  bad. So weird. I just can’t even with this one

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