Dragons and all their majesty, Part Deux


Dragons were a large part of yesterday’s conversation. Lauren forgot to include the catalyst behind the creation of said blog…

It was most important for us to partake in Buzzfeed’s “Which Fictional Pop Culture Dragon Are You?” It is very eye opening. I mean, everyone should know that, right? Here are our results:

K: I am, apparently, Toothless. (Clearly the cutest dragon in the world, FYI)


K: Results: You are one of a kind! People who don’t know you are intimidated by you, but those who do would describe you as a good friend with a sassy sense of humor.

I am eager to see what you get.

L: I got: Norbert from Harry Potter (Super fitting for our HP loving buddy). You’re still working on figuring our who y ou really are. You may look sweet, but there’s a ferocious side to you that you’re not afraid to hide.

K: hahahaha OMG

So now you know.



Good day.



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