Random Thoughts


Today, Lauren and I are feeling a little random. And by Lauren, I mean me. I was perusing my news site of choice – Buzzfeed (shut it. You know you get lost for hours there, too.) and I came across finger selfies. I want you to know that I laughed and laughed and laughed. I would be ok if you wanted to create your own finger selfie art and send it to me.

I’m feeling a little silly today and wanted to share some additional, rando items with you today.

Walmart. Why. Why do you do things like this?

As an official member of Lauren and G’s bridal party, I think they should totally do this. In addition to your colors being “Blush and Bashful,” you could totally get G this cake:

PS – If you can correctly guess which movie I am referring to, we are already best friends.

Lauren’s job is providing them with an opportunity to watch the soccer game with snacks and beer this afternoon. I’m jealous.



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