In defense of the family commune


The family commune.  It elicits an image of either vegetarian, naked, hippies growing hemp and smoking up all day, or amish farm-like family duties.  


But let’s talk for reals.  Who wouldn’t want to live in a big house or in several big house surrounded by friends or family, all having assigned duties / errands, getting together for family dinners?  Being that close in proximity has its pros and cons, surely, but after a weekend at the beach with 9 of my closest friends, I am reminded of that summer camp / college feeling of living together, working together, eating together, planning together that forms life-long bonds and memories.  


In this day and age, I would never suggest an actual stereotypical commune, but one where a group of friends / families live in several houses on the same large property, pool resources for certain things, like a joint garden, pool, family room with giant flatscreen, pool table, etc….  sounds like a blast.  Dogs and kids running around.  Some of us heading off to work all day, some staying home with kids.  

I think it sounds winning.  The fundamental problem with this plan:  getting everyone onboard with the same ideas / goals / contributions.  My group of friends and family are all way too different and independent and would not want to be tethered to the whims of so many others.

But for one weekend a year, in Avalon, NJ, beaching by day, family cooking, wine, and ice cream by night, I can imagine how magical, happy, and comforting my life would be in the constant presence of so many loved ones.  

I love them all.  But I am also glad to be home and having some down time.


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