Beautiful Bagels


In honor of Katie, though she is away on vacation.  She has a lifelong love affair with bagels.  Which I totally support.  

The bagel:  The variety, the round softness, the melty cream cheese on a lightly toasted bagel…. Perfection. 


We have Bagel Wednesday at work, where someone is assigned to pick up bagels and cream cheese for the office. And there are almost always leftovers…. Nom nom.

When it comes to bagels, you have some decisions to make.

1. Sweet vs. Savory –> are you going for a sweet cranberry or the pastry-like cinnamon sugar? With some butter or even some honey walnut CC? Or is today more of an asiago cheese or everything bagel day? With savory bagels come more interesting CC options: veggie, lox, chive and onion… mmmmm…. But your breath will smell all day. And you will most likely have everything bagel bit or chive in your teeth

2. Toasted or Room Temp –> toasted is awesome with the melty, and it is soothing as a morning treat, but it can also get hard and the edges can cut your mouth…. It’s a toss up.

3. CC or Butter  –> all flavors of bagels are good with butter. Not all are good with CC. but some are infinitely better with CC> you really have to know your flavor combos. Choco hazelnut bagel, toasted with butter = perfection. Sesame bagel toasted with lox…. I mean, that could be breakfast lunch OR dinner!

4. The Bagel Sandwich –> bagels are also awesome for sandwiches. The tradeoff- your mouth only opens so wide, so you cannot load up on the innards too much. Katie enjoys a good everything bagel, toasted, avocado powerhouse sandwich.   In this realm is the pizza bagel. Or the pizza melt. This is an awesome evening snack or dinner, and you can load up with different cheeses and veggies and really make it gourmet.

Image Image

5. Day-Old Bagels –> ain’t nothing wrong with that. Microwave for 20 seconds, then toast. Do not nuke for too long or it gets chewy. And that is not ok. Ever.

6. Bagel Chips  –>  using bakes bagel chips for dips, such as hummus, is always a good snack idea. They are sliced thin and bakes and the flavor is totally locked in. I prefer either sea salt or everything.

7. Where to Buy –> Now I think we can all agree that small shops and gourmet delis have the best bagels, but the ease and consistency of Panera and Einstein make them viable options as well. Never buy a supermarket bagel. It’s just bread. Bagel-shaped bread. Same with the Thomas’ packages bagels. No.

8. The King of Bagels –> bagel lox, CC, capers, letters, tomato, red onion.   Nothing is better. Ever. But it’s too much. I only need half. Luckily my mom splits them with me. 


And for your viewing / drooling pleasure: 30 Unbelievable Bagels: The Definitive Ranking

Now, I know bagels are just carbs and not particularly good for you. I am not suggesting eating 3 a day. But, in the ever-brilliant words of my mom, “Everything in moderation.” So, bagel Wednesday, I love you.

That is all the wisdom I have to impart on you about the beautiful, little thing called the bagel. Go forth and choose wisely. 



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