A Smattering of Randoms



I don’t drink soda very often.  So when I do, I burp for hours.  Days.  Years, even.  And it’s pretty instantaneous.  Take a sip, suppress a burp.


Fun fact – when you hit G on the back, he burps.  You can literally still “burp” him as if he were a suckling babe!  Mwahahahahaa….  Used to my advantage.  Often.

I cannot have caffeine, so when I have soda, it is usually Canada Dry.  And yes, CANADA DRY, not just any ole Ginger Ale.  I didn’t realize it was weird I referred to ginger ale as Canada Dry until Katie pointed it out and mocked my specificity.


Big things happening:

  • getting married  –  people asking me questions about it is much more stressful than actually doing anything about it
  • signed up for a half marathon with my mom  –  we are going to call this “from 3-13 in 14 weeks”…  eeeek.  We shall see if it is possible.  I am nooooooootttttttt  exactly in the best shape, and I am slower than….  everything.  You now that scene in Office Space where the woman in the walker is moving faster than the guy in the traffic jam?  That is how I feel when I run.

Also, just in case you were feeling like your job was boring….  it is.  Watch this.


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