The Truth About Men and Bugs


Trapping Bugs

Ladies and gents, can we discuss something of import?  True or False: when a girl lives with a boy, she is allowed to put a plastic cup/container over a bug and leave it for the guy to handle.  Caveats: if a girl lives alone or with other girls, or if the guy won’t be home for a really long time (like days), then yes, just take care of it yourself.  But otherwise, I feel like it’s one of the FEW perks of living with men.


Let me ’splain.  I love G, the bf.  But boys smell.  They are messy.  They don’t know where anything goes, and even if they do, they don’t put things away. Some can cook (thanks, babe), but most can’t clean.  When I say, hey, babe, will you clean the bathroom this weekend?  A) it doesn’t happen for weeks, and only if I continue to ask, and B) when it does happen, he has wiped down the sink and toilet, ignoring the shower and floor.  “What, it’s clean! I don’t see anything.” 


In some cases, we can blame this on their mothers for doing everything for them growing up (**shakes fist… Donna!), and in some cases they just feel like things don’t need to be as clean as women do or honestly don’t see it

I digress.

Bugs under containers.  Always use plastic, as when the bug inevitably escapes and scampers towards you, you’re likely to fling the container, bug and all, as far away as possible.  Plastic doesn’t shatter….  Experience.  Disposing of bugs and reaching things up high are two of the best BF perks.  I am not saying I cannot be an independent woman and do it myself.  I did things all on my own for years (**see handling poop on the stoop).  But I think I’ve earned this perk.

 Image ImageImage

Next time though, remind me to telllllllll  G that I have done this so he doesn’t just pick up the container with no warning of said bug trapped beneath.  Whoops.

A few random thoughts for today:

Is there anything worse then yogurt water?  I get it, live cultures, good for your digestion, healthy bacteria.  But seriously.  Can’t they come up with a way to stir it in before I open it?  A button?  Shake it up first?  Stirring fluid into my yogurt (Greek, fruit on the bottom, light), is not an appetizing way to start the day.  And I like adding granola, but depending o the hardness of the granola it gets mushy way too fast.  And you know how I feel about mushy food.  **gag. 


Fellow Game of Thrones nerds: 

This is chuckle-out-loud hilarious (Spoiler alert for this past Sunday’s ep):


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