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Remember when I told you my mind is scattered and overworked this week? Here is a glimpse of everything that is happening all at once:

As most of you know, (if not, welcome…) I hate getting gas. Yesterday afternoon I had an appointment far, far away nestled amongst the corn fields and one lane roads. In the land of NO GAS STATIONS FOR MILES. As I set off on my drive, I notice I only have about an 1/8th of gas left in the tank. Ugh. The husband and I often disagree on the gas issue. I think he should put gas in my car; he does not. We spend some quality time on the phone during my ride where he refused to answer this very important question (When you don’t have much gas, should you drive really fast or really slow) and scolded me for putting myself in this position. This wouldn’t happen if he just bucked up and put some damn gas in my car.

I don’t drink often but when I do…..it adds to my already raging, stress induced insomnia. So fun. Last night, post appointment, I visited a good friend. We had some snacks. We imbibed a little. By the time I got home, did some chores and crawled into bed, I was exhausted. I fell into a deep sleep. For about two hours. Then I was wide awake. Thinking about everything all at once. For hours. Until about five. Then my body decided to fall asleep just in time for the alarm to go off. Thanks for that, insomnia. You’re a real dick.

Which brings me to Pinterest. I saw the below pin the other day and thought, ‘wow. I should probably get on board with this trend as I am looking quite haggard with these matched luggage bags under my eyes. Except it wouldn’t look this good because I’d have to use so much dang glitter. In no way would I even remotely look like Rainbow Brite.


I read Lauren’s posting yesterday and I two things came to mind. I can’t be quiet for very long. Occasionally, I am quiet. That is because of the following things: I’m tired. I’m thinking. I’m focused. I have nothing to say (this one doesn’t occur very often). John pointed out it’s a good thing my job isn’t so quiet as he surmises I would last about a day and then I would drive everyone crazy and they would fire me. I currently have my own office and am alone about seven and a half hours a day and I talk and sing to myself pretty much all day. Or laugh at something Lauren has chatted to me. The second thing that came to mind was how Lauren could potentially evolve into a super being. I’m not sure but all of my scientific research has proven that she is going to master echolocation or her sight will become heightened and she will have super vision. I look forward to monitoring her changes and will keep you abreast of any evolutionary changes. It’s going to be exciting.

Finally, I just don’t trust people who don’t have at least one pile of mail laying around their house. If you don’t, you are a liar and have the most perfect of hiding spaces where you shove it when I come over. There is no way anyone can be on top of that crap every day.

For your enjoyment:

Image  Image

I watched this in complete and utter horror. It isn’t gross – you don’t need a warning. But something totally and completely FREAKED me out. http://youtu.be/HL3M_DcO6wk

And finally, enjoy while wearing a monocle. http://www.buzzfeed.com/lindseyrobertson/puffins-dressed-as-gentlemen


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