Working in the dark….


I went from working in a place with almost all women to a place with almost all men.  The difference is mostly in the noise level.  Women talk to each other.  All the time.  They interact, joke, chat about their evenings, their plans, etc.  Men, or at least these men, are essentially silent.  They sit on their computers, computing, designing, writing code, eradicating bugs, most likely with their headphones on, not talking to each other.  


Yesterday, Day 2 on the new job, I was acutely aware of the silence.  Of how loud I felt like I was being.  I was eating an apple.  IT ECHOED.  I blew my nose at one point.  It was like a fog horn.  Hummus and carrots?  Each snap of the carrot and chew was heard by all. 



And then I am thinking, do these guys need no social interaction, nothing to break up the day?  Or are they getting that online through chats and such?


I need interaction. Enter Katie.  Thank god for gchat. 

And then there is the darkness of this place.  They never turn on lights.  Now, I get it, natural lighting is awesome and better and doesnt hurt one’s eyes, especially since everyone here is staring at screens all day, so a little natural lighting surrounding them is most likely the only thing keeping them from going blind.  And it is spring.  Lighter longer.  Ok, but I need a desk lamp or something.  It’s putting me to sleep.  Constant twilight, my brain reads as NAP TIME. 


Best part of the new office, besides the lack of crazy bosses, demeaning chats, and jobs, brand new tech toys, and sight of a window, is the office pup.  Tiger belongs to the owner and he is adorable and comes over for an occasional scratch.  Ah, animal love. 

Stay tuned for socially awkward tech guy stories.  


In today’s road rage musings…  the left is the fast lane people.  If you are going slower than the cars in the right lane, MOVE OVER!!!!  Yes, I know, I speed, but all I ask is that people move out of the way if they’re going under the speed limit.  



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