Monday, Monday… la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la


Wow. So there has been a lot going on. Faithful readers…Lauren is safely nestled in at the new job. While I am so happy for her, I miss her very much. I am fully prepared to begin the onslaught of emotions that I have been burying deep, deep, deep down inside. Our dear Lauren was sent off with lots of fanfare. At that particular time, I would like to point out that I am no longer twenty. It took me DAYS to recover. Retching in the Greenspring Parking lot due to the smell of Poulet was so fun. So, so classy.


Luckily, life has kept me so busy that I have been able to ignore them. Until now. Right now, my job really kicks into high gear for the next six weeks or so. It gets totally cray. I am pulled in a million different directions. The fun part? I have crazy insomnia and think about the most bizarre things. I know that you are shocked by this. If I could explain how my brain works during this time of year, picture traffic. Speeding. With no breaks.






To help with this distraction, here are few things to help you through your day!

Totally, unequivocally, amazing. This needs to happen here.

Happy Cinco de Mayo.

Can’t wait to see this. Or this.

Happy Monday! Make sure you wish our Lauren a great first day!


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