Horrible Performers, Interesting Inventions, Emojis, and Such….


–   Don’t judge me, but I totally wish this were me and Bella….

–  Also, I would like you to watch as much of this as you can handle before…   ugh…  worst.performer.ever.  I won’t lie.  Katie sent it to me.  I couldn’t handle much of it.  I hated it so much.  And was so disturbed.  And hated it.  Ugh.

– Can we just take a minute to appreciate this:  Han, Leia, and Luke are back together ….  **sigh ….


Interesting inventions:

Mowercycle – I feel like this is totally usable.  Get some exercise, make cutting the lawn go by faster.  Add some turn radias and some BAMF lightening bolts and I’m in.





In case you didn’t hear, don’t live in the area, or slept through yesterday, it rained lions and tigers and bears yesterday (oh my!).  We had flooding, Katie’s basement was under water, landslides, mudslides, and road cave-ins!

One of the best pics I have found of this:


The truth about rainy days at my house:  PJs, no bra, movies, snooze. 


So…  tomorrow is my last day at my current job, start my new one on Monday.  Katie has sunk into a deep depression.  Hopefully she will recover (but not replace me.  I am irreplaceable.  No one else knows what the hell she is talking about.). 

 I have been getting a lot of these emojis from her:



A friend shared that he loved to read our blog while taking a dump.  And to you on the john, we salute you.  Thanks for reading.  


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