Spring in Baltimore



I love living in Baltimore in the spring more so than any other time of the year. Sure we have all four seasons, and windy, gorgeous fall colors, swampy humid august days, toped off with mosquitos, and nuclear winters that never end (**shakes fist), but in the spring, Baltimore is loverly.

Early flowers start to push through the winter-hardened soil, dogwoods and cherry blossoms bloom over night, weather goes from below freezing, to 70 in one day… It’s confusing for our sinuses, allergies, and health. But that moment when I get to wear short sleeves, sunglasses, and **gasp sunscreen…. It’s like a renewal, a rebirth, freedom from the oppression of frigidity. Sleeping with my windows open…. *sigh. Listening to the rain as I sleep…. J

So, what makes Baltimore spring different than everywhere else? Baltimorons get pumped for Old Bay, Natty Boh, Orioles, Berger Cookies, and everything blue crab! What’s better than Boh, corn on the cobb, and crabs on your deck?


For me, springtime means sitting outside in Fells Point for lunch, a run / walk along the promenade, wine on the patio, visits to the MD Zoo, Beer & Bacon Fest, and crabs!!!!

People who grew up in Baltimore either love it or flee, never to return. Small-timore, no joke. But even people who run away feel the nostalgic pull of blue crabs, old bay, berger cookies, and Natty Boh.

Image Image

So, here’s to spring, crabs, and the sun on your face.

 Image 1de04f912dfff88d5d978990a8222c3f

A few recipes for your enjoyment:


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