Rain, Rain, Go Away …


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So, it’s been raining all day. Like, all day all day. It is April, I get it. “April showers bring May flowers.” However, what is the phrase for when they’re calling for [more] snow in April? “April snow, suck it you winter ho!” This winter has been like a Game of Thrones postcard from the Wall. Yes. Nerd reference achieved. (for everyone that watched this week… yay, Joffrey, finally… **shakes fist) 

Snow: I have already killed most of my plants, which I moved outside prematurely (oh, I’m sorry, so silly of me to think that it wouldn’t snow at the end of March…. Ok, I know…. As if this winter wasn’t a warning). So tonight, pending snow, plants are coming in. Not a big deal, right? Well, the puppy wants to eat all plants. **Sigh.

DESPITE THE ABOVE BITHCING…. I love rain. I love listening to the rain. I love sleeping with it raining outside. I love leaving my windows open during a storm. I love walking on the beach in the rain. I love the end of a rain shower when everything looks fresh and clean and crisp.  My favorite is taking my little sister, Emma, puddlejumping in the rain.  When she was small, we would put on our coats and run around in the rain, find the largest puddles, and splash each other by jumping in.  We have continued this tradition and last summer, at the beach, she asked me to run around on the beach with her in the rain….  I loved every minute of it.    (Love you, Emma)


But mostly, I love running in the rain. I used to be like, “Oh look, it’s raining! Can I get home in time to run in the rain, before it stops?!?” And I would be disappointed when it stopped before I could run. Mind you, running in the rain requires 60+ degrees.

Now, running with a dog in the rain is a bit different. Dogs get wet. It seeps into their fur. Worth it? Definitely. But now we have the eau du wet dog. 


Cars who splash someone when running / walking in the rain? I mean, it’s a dick move, but it really can’t be helped. What do you want them to do, swerve dangerously into another lane, hit a car, cross the yellow lines, just to avoid getting you wet? If you’re out in the rain… you will get wet. Accept it.


Not that I enjoy the car rain splash effect. Just sayin’.

Story: While we all have stories of being splashed by cars driving by when walking, how many of us have stories of getting socked by a car splash when INSIDE a car? Here is what happened. Summer. Car AC broken. Windows open because a) it was hella hot and I sweat like a demon; b) my windshield was all fogged up and I couldn’t see. So, window was open, car drove by and splashed the crap out of my car. In the city (so you know that water was gross and trashy). Worst part – I was rocking out to some “How do I get you alloooooooone?” Mouth open. Car rain splash into the mouth. **Sigh. 

(Katie laughed her ass off. Repeatedly. And asked for a picture) 

My car has had some bad rain experiences. Let me list the ways. Before the wet dog in the car, before the myriad coffee spills, rain splashes, windows left open during storms, etc… my car was in a flood. I don’t mean a foot of water. I mean 3 feet of water. 3 frickin’ feet. My tiny Subaru was under water. I couldn’t get to it. Flash flood from a downpour. So, I had to wait 2 days for the water to go down (got a parking ticket…. Grrrrrr), 2 more days for the engine to dry out, used a plastic cup to bail out the standing water up to the seat, scared away the rats evading water hiding in my engine, and then took it to the car spa for a moisture / mildew treatment. Now, luckily, nothing was really damaged, car works great. But I’m not going to lie, it smells in the heat and the windows fog up with any moisture in the air.

So, on that note, Bella and I are going for a wet run in the rain. Here are some funnies. Peace out.



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