In the doghouse


Hi guys. Remember me? I’m the lass that has been getting the stink eye from Lauren for the past few days. I know, I know. I have been a bit behind with me posts. Things just hit the fan, you know? I was in this haze that life was in a lull. Sort of like floating on a raft over tiny waves while dozing. Guess what? I WAS WRONG. So very, very wrong.


That very moment when I was at work and thought, “Wow. I’m so on top of everything right now,” I’m pretty sure that the universe went crazy and turned against me. All of the sudden, everything had to be done NOW. Five minutes ago. YESTERDAY. And I sat at my desk looking like the Memorex guy.


And then my son got strep throat. And weekend plans were booked, lined up, crazy busy. Both days. Also laundry. And, apparently my people need “food” to survive which always entails a trip to the store which never takes me less than an hour. Oh yeah, I had to go into work last night for a few hours. Not complaining – just one more thing that was piled onto the list. And, as we sat at the table last night, bleary eyed and eating dinner at 10pm, we stuffed little plastic Easter eggs for the boy’s hunt scheduled for this week at school. That I almost forgot to do.


Something had to give. I had to ignore you guys. But not on purpose. Only because I couldn’t do it all and when I had a minute, I wasn’t in a place to write anything. My mojo was gone for a few days. As you read from Lauren last week, she is getting ready to go down a different path. I’m also not coping with that very well. I am choosing to ignore it and pretend it isn’t happening. But it is. And all I can do is be supportive of her and her changes and freak out later. When she can support me.

But until then…consider this my apology. I’m sorry. So sorry. I promise not to ignore you this week. There is a pretty good chance that I’ll be funny at some point. We can talk about cheese. I’ll sing you a song. Lauren will stop giving me the stink eye.

For now? I leave you with some funnies.



This is a real problem here at work.


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