Our Awesome Fake Book Club


Lauren and I are avid readers, along with our little buddy, D. Last night, I put a call out on the FB for book suggestions. Immediately Lauren and D filled my request. It is also under their tutelage that I have been introduced to some great authors. (See what I did there?!) It is so delightful to be friends with people with similar interests, most importantly, who share my love of reading. I have read so many books that have fundamentally changed my life.

We oft pass around books, share audiobooks, and make suggestions to each other. This will always lead to a rousing discussion over lunch or, more importantly, having a beverage and snacks (of course, silly, cheese is always involved). All of us get riled up – quite a sight to behold. Which usually leads us to having a book club. Albeit, it is not formal (in any way) nor would I classify this as a “real” book club.  It is usually an excuse for us to get together and chillax, while discussing fun things. Lauren maintains that we will never truly be friends until I read the entire Harry Potter series (I’m waiting for my son to be old enough to enjoy it with me).

Below is a list of recent suggestions.  More fake book club! Please leave a comment and share with us your favorites.

  • The Fault In Our Stars
  • Ice Princess
  • Bad Monkey
  • Eleanor and Park
  • Crossing to Safety
  • Serena
  • The Goldfinch
  • The Book Thief
  • The Spectacular Now
  • One Thousand White Women
  • Under Different Stars
  • The Outlander Series

Here is Lauren and our friend Tom dressed as characters from Game of Thrones (he is Eddard Stark and she is Khaleesi):


Ok…  so I read a lot.  I read literature (english accent), nerd books about dragons, tomes, history novels, adventure books, mysteries, etc.  My family read nonstop and always passes on suggestions.  I listen to audiobooks when i drive / exercise.  I read full on tome hardbacks.  I page through kindle ebooks.  I am not picky in the format.  Just the story.  And the writing.  Love me some high quality writing / engaging characters.

There is nothing more gratifying than when someone reads a book you suggested and LOVES IT!

Anyway – a few must-reads on Lauren’s List of Books

  • Harry Potter 1-7
  • Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit
  • All Jane Austen
  • Ender’s Game
  • Insert good nerd book here (i.e. A Game of Thrones, The Wheel of Time, The Way of Kings, Dune, etc.)
  • Shakespeare – yes
  • Pat Conroy – yes

I could go on.  My GoodReads account is like my diary….  le sigh….

Let me also say for the record – if I say have you read X book, and you say, Oh I saw that movie – I will judge you.  READ THE BOOK BEFORE YOU SEE THE MOVIE.  You will always be disappointed in the movie and rant about how people should read it first.  Have you read The Time Traveler’s Wife?  I have never cried more (I was listening to the audiobook – I was on the treadmill at the gym – it was awkward).  Did you see the movie?  Eh.  It was cute.  COME ON PEOPLE.

How I feel:




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