Super Sassy, Sappy Sister Post


The hot topic around these parts lately: Frozen. I took my son to see it the day it opened. We sat there in the theater – it was completely empty except for the two of us. It was FANTASTIC. When I was growing up, I saw Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and Aladdin in the theaters. LIFE CHANGING. I know all the words to each of these films. I have probably seen them at least 200 times. Each.

I got the same feeling when I watched Frozen. So good. By now most of you have all heard me singing “Let It Go.” Lately we have been listening to the soundtrack on the way to school. It’s invigorating (except for the fact that I may, in fact, have to be admitted into the looney bin if it snows again this spring). I love everything about this movie but the one thing that resonated with me the most (obviously) is the sister love. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love my sister. I am probably closest to her and the husband. She makes me happy beyond belief in so many ways. I’m super lucky.

I also feel super sisterly with Lauren. There are so many things. Today, Lauren and I had a super freaky moment. We have an ongoing official (read:unofficial) list of words that we love and words that we hate. We also play games with these words and extend lots of challenges. Today we had a guest speaker and while I was listening to her, she said the word “tutelage.” At that very moment, my shiny object syndrome kicked into high gear and I immediately thought “ooohh good one. I’ll have to mention that one to Lauren.” Over our delicious (gross) lunch, she mentioned hearing it and that she thought the same thing. Uncanny I tell you. She has subsequently challenged me to causally work tutelage into a conversation without laughing. I have not yet been able to make that happen today. I am also one to not back down from a challenge. I know you will be sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to hear how that plays out.


Clearly I’m feeling super sappy/thankful about people who make a difference in my life – there are so many of you out there. I would like to thank Lauren for spearheading that project for me daily. I appreciate her always making me laugh, enjoying weird things with me and honestly judging me for so, so many things (rightfully so).




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