Take me out to the ballgame….and Funday Monday


Today is Opening Day. Hooray! Go O’s. We are showing our hometown pride and both of us are decked out in orange and black. Very exciting times for our city.

But the truth is…I like going to games but I only kinda like baseball. Let me stop you right there and explaining before you start hating me. I love the dedication of the players. Their athleticism. It’s awesome. I would never be able to do that [without oodles of steroids]. I even know some of the players. I remember those of yore. I am a full on, hometown-loving/supporting girl. I LOVE going to games. For like two-three hours. Max. I like to go to Pickles and have a few Bo’s, a sausage and peppers, peanuts. Some Cracker Jacks. I love hanging out with my friends. I enjoy people watching.

Baseball means to me: socializing. Cheering. Friends. Beer. Food. Cute players (Throwback holla to Brady Anderson). Here is what I wish I knew about baseball: how to do the secret hand claps that people do throughout the game. Our friend S knows all of them. She has not taught them to me – is there a conspiracy? Is it because I go to games to have a rad time instead of knowing who’s on first? S knows so much about baseball and is so helpful with the explaining. She is also the reason that I know anything about the baseballs in general.

Last year, our dear Lauren scored some amazing seats and invited me. After a rousing traffic and Queen filled ride with her and G to the park, we headed to Pickles for a few treats. Once we got into the park and nestled into our seats – WOW – I was blown away. We were so close that the husband was worried for me. His sage advice before I left for the game: You are going to die. I know you are going to be talking and not watching what is happening on the field and the chance of you getting a bat to the head is so, so high. WATCH WHAT IS HAPPENING, PLEASE.

Clearly I made it through. But I had never been so close! I could totally see the little secret hand signals the players were giving to each other. It was really fun. The people watching was at an all time high. FB makes baseball so much better – I even met up with some old friends after posting status updates! Hooray for social networking! I cannot wait to do it again.

So – Go, O’s. Win big this year. Save me a drink and a snack- I’ll see you in a few weeks.

Funday Monday things:

  • Most of you have probably seen this by now but it is still amazing:

Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon


  • Let’s all live off the grid – this makes it not look so bad. Or like we will be writing manifestos while hiding out in the woods while wearing tin foil hats.
  • This guy in Germany boiled and dyed over 10,000 eggs and hung them from his tree:

K: that tree is gonna stink

L: are they real or plastic

also, i love that that is where you go

K: real



L: instead of, wow, that looks labor intensive, or wow, so pretty

K: i immediately thought that after i was like “ooh pretty”

L: i went so labor intensive then so pretty

  • Drop Bears. Seriously? Yes. I am going to watch this.

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